Dirk Says Kobe, USA is the BEST

That's why I like Dirk. He understands the game. He knows the players. Pronouncing that, the USA Basketball Team is the team to beat in the coming FIBA World Championships.

"The Americans are the favorites," Nowitzki said following Germany's 95-75 win over Canada in a warmup game on Sunday. "They are really stacked. The only guy they don't have is Kobe. But they still have Dwyane Wade and LeBron [James] and plenty of other guys."

Acknowledging too that Kobe Bryant is big loss to the USA-NBA cause. And why not, Kobe plays both ends of the floor and can deftly play multiple positions. But he was quick to give some love to the guys on board. He doesn't need to slight Wade and Co. now that competition is near.

"It would have been a great show for basketball if Kobe could have come along," he said. "But [the Americans] still have a lot of great and talented players for the world to watch."

Wouldn't it be nice if it's Germany versus USA in the Finals. Wouldn't it be nice for Nowitzki to get back at Wade. Dirk, in his mind, is saying now... No more favorable call this time for Wade. (Not like in the NBA Dallas Miami series where he feasted in the free throw line.)

Referees at International Tournaments call the games a little 'differently'. USA should brace themselves with questionable calls throughout the games.


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