Moon Shots

7:17pm April 6 2009

6:05pm April 5 2009

This is the first time I really tried shooting the moon. A little hard in the neck to shoot because I used amateur tripod, and I am a big time amateur. Nakakangawit. And I found out, the moon moves! Just few seconds, and it aint at the same place after a dead center focus just few seconds earlier.

After 20 shots or so, I found what could be the best setting (for me)... full manual, faster shutter speed (1/500) and higher f number, f8 I used.

After shooting the moon, I googled for the right camera settings and walah, f8 is just about right and so is the 1/400 and 1/500 shutter speed. I used my 55-250 lens, and I dunno if I can do better than what I got. Maybe yes, coz some things I did not try. Like... the experts says... try using other white balance such as tungsten or daylight and I used the auto WB... try 1/125 shutter speed... a more patient manual focsing... And others says, use the lowest possible ISO. I used ISO400.

Maybe I could do better next time. Hoping for another clear night and a clear sched.

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