Levi’s Nuffnang Event

nuffnang-levis-event-12.jpg nuffnang-levis-event-10.jpg nuffnang-levis-event-9.jpg nuffnang-levis-event-8.jpg nuffnang-levis-event-7.jpg nuffnang-levis-event-6.jpg nuffnang-levis-event-5.jpg nuffnang-levis-event-4.jpg nuffnang-levis-event-3.jpg nuffnang-levis-event-1.jpg nuffnang-levis-event.jpg nuffnang-levis-event-13.jpg

Some pics of the Nuffnang - Levi’s event.

We happen to co-manage some blogs and so, one of us ended up with brunch-time girlie get(up) together at CAV wine shop and cafe at boni high street. Great food, fun activities, and free Levi’s were given too.

And let me end this post with a special message: Buy Levi’s!

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