Lakas-tama, Busina

Yesterday, I went to my fave car accessory dealer. I finally had extra dough to put the much needed parking backing sensor. Surprise surprise, mura lang pala ang rear side sensor.

The one I got is branded "Black Panther" Oooooohhhh. Pretty sleek name! And to add, packaging says... "STATE OF THE ART COLLISION AVOIDANCE SYSTEM." Yeah boy, priced at P2000 and state of the art! State of the art from the state of China.

I reserved P3500 yesterday for the sensor, so may change pang P1500. I just used it for an added horn. A BOSCH EC6 Compact Plus horn (from Turkey) giving off a truck-like horn that's really loud. Pang-asar lang sa makukulit na pedestrian at PUJs.

It costs only P1200 (including the switch & relay). The horn is an add-on, I did not remove the stock horn. I can set what horn to use via the switch.

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